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Avengers Endgame 6 real theories | 6 Avengers Endgame theories based on Superbowl trailer

Avengers Endgame 6 real theories that will blow your mind.

The millions of people that watch the superbowl this year, without a doubt use of the teaser for avengers endgame and the thirty second tv spot. we should have a lot more action than the actual super bowl game, we are because it was mostly people just walking after watching this thirty second clip.

Avengers Endgame 6 real theories

more times than i care to share with any of you i have even more furious about what’s going on in the upcoming april film don’t worry this time around i haven’t completely lost my mind.  We have six more serious that could break or mildly inconvenienced the m. c. u.

 Avengers Endgame 6 real theories. Number one

Engaged place a few years after infinity war but many folks may think the best way to handle the next event installment december we have to take place right after the events of infinity war in the beach who did three years, and we see a poster that says where do we go now that they’re gone, this is obviously referring to the state of snap which results in half the life in the universe being existence would be the world for support groups exists now. And that means people are on the road to healing this takes time and I’m thinking that least a couple of years since infinity war.

Avengers Endgame 6 real theories. Number 2

new york is a dead zone listen if u live in the marvel cinematic universe new york city is the worst there. Plenty of movies where there had been some collateral damage the adventurous localizar me the stories the city in spider-man homecoming robbers blow up a deli what the future when I’m feeling furious and half there was a plane crash at coney island. In doctor strange the city fold itself and half no body get to see them let see where mystic can i do a bunch of robots tony stark in flushing meadows and infinity war well remember what happened so come to the new endgame trailer but there’s no lights any of the buildings why because no one wants to live in a city that’s costly and the threat of attack for robots really and truly as guardians at this point people all across the find city is the worst place to live in, and spread out across the united states and yes the spider-man far from home trailer totally who is peter parker living it up in queens but this version the new york city in the future if you it’ll be all done in Endgame.

Avengers Endgame 6 real theories. Number 3

captain america is for sure time travelling back to world war two i mentioned this is my last video which is given below, but it bares repeating this what is the theory even more there is a brief shot of captain america, where he is stretching up leather belt of his shield which he used during the Captain America : The first Avenger and  till the time of Age of Ultron where Tony Stark added some stark tech with help of which shield returns back to his hand.

Leather belts on shield as we them in Captain America the First Avenger.


Avengers Endgame 6 real theories. Number 4 :-

nebula is a double agent something doesn’t  fits in my mind what if she was just acting to get the address of soul stone for her father, as she knew Gamora know the truth of soul stone, what if she was fighting with thanos just to help Thanos from not losing battle as she said that thanos sacrificed Gamora on a very wrong time when they were just near to take out the infinity gauntlet, she might did that to manipulate the feelings of Starlord about Gamora. Hmm I don’t know , what if I never stop saying what if.

Avengers Endgame 6 real theories. Number 5

office four characters a reveal to me open it lol the most excited for endgame to come how so many of us are wondering where the marvel cinematic universe will go next and who will survive endgame what are the new endgame teaser just flat out told that he was going to survive during the opening the tv spot there are a few quick just curious black white and red coloured images of wasp, nick fury spider-man, dr. strange, falcon, guardians. I think all people are saying that why they just showed us rocket as he is not dead but what if they were not showing us the characters who but the character who will survive Endgame. Wow I just discovered something that is realy awesome.

Nick furry
Dr. Strange
Wanda Scarlet Witch
Black Panther
Bucky barnes (winter soldier)
Guardians of the galaxy

Rocket is also there because he is also surviving in next phase of MCU.

 Avengers Endgame 6 real theories. number 6

recruit their own thanos, I know this is pretty tame compared to normal but this last one is a bit out there so stay with me if you know there are a few shots trailer looks like someone should be standing but it should empty space many people across the internet are saying they will worm and has medically images in trailer in the past how did the question but lets think big here moving some human have you won with crazy blood it was a mad typing whatever move the character we know is going to be in the movie the reason there’s a giant empty space

Might be edited by Disney as they did in Avengers Infinity war trailer
AVENGERS INFINTY WAR hulk was not there in the war , but he was in trailer.

there is because adventurous have recruited help to feed them i believe a future version of thanos finally came to the realization that dealing good morning to get the soul stone was a totally bad idea hey dusting of half the universe probably doesn't feel too bad about that and hope yours is the time stone to go back in time to help me a vendors defeated younger version of himself it’s probably the biggest swerve marvel component sorry and frankly it sounds really awesome so what are your theories about avengers endgame if you enjoyed all of these theories make sure you bookmark our site. For more such content.



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