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Avengers End Game plot leak | Avengers End Game story leak

Hello everyone! Hope you are fine because Avengers fans and marvel fans this will make you thoughtless and you will what is happening in MCU.

So the story goes like this when nebula,Thor and rocket reached hala they found there is no living being here. Just like twitter fans they have mixed filling about that because of our’s superstar thanos snap no one is alive there. Which makes them kind of worried for a second. But after that they figure out there is no one there  to stop them from taking all the weapons. As we know rocket is a weapons lover so he knew where they can find the most powerfull weapons. Then they decide rocket will go in the armoury next to them. And Thor and nebula will guard him.

Then we saw Thanos with one infinity stone (mind stone) missing from his gauntlet. That makes him very angry and he uses space stone to reach hala. And he saw nebula there which makes him very angry and then he jumped with his full power to attack her. And he saw Thor so he thought to kill him first and he attacked thor with his full power and his attacks were so fast that thor was not able to use Strombreaker , and Thanos was just punching and kicking him so fast and so there comes our saviour Rocket with a big KRI BATTLESHIP and aimed Thanos with all his deadly weapons with which the ship was equipped , so he fired on Thanos and Thanos was blown away with his attack and he didn’t know what to do defend his ass then Thor get his strom breaker and thanos ass became more unsecured. So he decided to use his last hope (space stone) and teleported him back to his planet through portal.  Then we saw Captain and Tony going back stark labs , where they saw Hulk standing over there but they were surprised by the changed behaviour of Hulk, because his behaviour was like Bruce banner, Hulk explained that due to exposure of Banner with quantum field he transformed into Hulk but his brain was still of Banner. And Tony said ” Oh ! So you are professor Hulk” . In that mean time Ant man and Captain marvel succeeded to come in the lab back through quantum tunnel . And they said we are collected all five infinity stones but, they failed to collect soul stone. They also contacted Thor and told him about all 5 infinity stones collected by them and Thor told them about their war with Thanos on Hala. Captain marvel asked that how they will collect soul stone. Nebula replied that they have to go to Vormir and sacrifice someone to collect the soul stone because soul stone is the most powerful stone in all infinity stones. All the captain don’t wanna lose anyone but but he also realised that they have to sacrifice someone so they decided that professor Hulk will wear the infinity gauntlet and Thor, Rocket and Nebula will go towards Vormir directly and others on earth will use space stone to reach Vormir from earth directly.

Thanos was full of anger 😠😡and as 5 infinity stones were missing from his gaunlet and only soul stone was left so , he knew that anyone who is collecting infinity stones will go towards Vormir to get Soul stone, so he called chitories army which was 1000 times bigger than the army in New York. And went towards Vormir with them to kill all of them who was obstacles in his way.     

Then we see Thor who said nothing and used bifrost to teleport him the Norway where he met Hela for the first time, and he was finding the mjolnir ‘ broken pieces, when he saw mjolnir he collect all his strength and thunder in his strombreaker and attacked on mjolnir and the handle of and uru metal started flying around him with lots and lots of thunder, it is like a cyclone of thunder. The mjolnir was back to Thor in his hand after this and Thor again used bifrost to teleport him to the lab where all avengers were planning, he asked Captain America that if you are going to fight again with thanos you need something more than this shield and handed him the mjolnir. And Captain America was able to pick the we all need up because his soul was clean and the last and the only lie in him was revealed in civil war and he had told Tony that buckey had killed his parents. And then professor Hulk teleported them to the former with the help of space stone in his vibranium gauntlet rocket and nebula where already there in the warming full stop and then captain told everybody that Hulk will be our primary weapon against thanos and if thanos will come here with his army like New York so Captain marvel and Thor will fight with them with the help of rocket who will use the big three ship to fight chitauri army. 

Final battle of Avengers End Game

While captain was explaining the plan thanos came there and attacked on them and he was with a big chittori army ,so Thor Rocket and Captain Marvel started battle with them. Hulk was fighting with thanos other Avengers started to find the place for the sacrifice for soul stone. When Hulk was using the power of power stone with his infinity gauntlet we see a big blast near his hand and his arm was fully destroyed and he was armless now . So Ironman wearing his infinity armour went to find infinity stones which were scattered on Vormir after the blast. And Captain America took his shield and mjolnir in his hands and attacked on thanos and he was continuously attacking on thanos ,. But thanos used soul stone and killed the soul of mjolnir and then he breaked the shield of Captain America and then he. Captain America and captain fell down , thanos said I thought that you will entertain me for some but is this your full power . Captain replied ” I can do this all day “, and stood up again to fight . Thanos fired some kind of energy from his gaunlet the Captain America to kill his soul. 

Friends here part 2 of this story Ends next part will be available soon .

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