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Avengers End Game plot leak verified by many news portals and news websites|part 1 Avengers End Game


Once again I was busy in searching about the POSSIBLE aspects of avengers 4. And then I saw this story which was going viral on a YouTube channel in hindi so I thought why don’t people who don’t understand hindi can’t know about this . So all MCU FANS this avengers 4 plot leak or we can also say story of avengers 4.

Spoiler alert this post is rated as a spoiler for Avengers 4

This is part 1 of the avengers 4 story all movie is divided in 3 parts .

So when the movie starts we see Captain marvel with Antman and professor bruce banner, they are traveling in quantum realm to collect infinity stones by going back in time with help of quantum zone tunnel. Then we see the big title  of avengers 4 coming on the screen with a new theme tone for avengers. And then we see that Tony when came back to earth with Nebula searches for Antman and then he saw that quantum tunnel device as shown in antman and the wasp movie. Then he hears the voice of scott lang (antman) asking for help. Tony once again started the tunnel and helped scott to come back. And then he reunites all avengers left after the snap in his lab then they discuss their plan what they will do now. After that we see Thor ,Nebula and Rocket going to collect extremely powerful weapons to defeat THANOS and captain marvel suggested then kri planet HALA where they can find some of them. Thor loudly say bifrost and they teleported them to the  Hala planet and they saw no living person (kri alien) was there , they understood that no one survived the snap of thanos here and they started their quest to find weapons. After that scene again changes to the lab where we Captain marvel with Antman and Bruce banner went in quantum tunnel and the black widow, hawkeye and Rohdey was gaurding them from Ross and his agents.  The scene again changes and we saw that Captain America and Tony going towards wakanda to make infinity gauntlet of vibranium . While going their tony says” after our fight in Siberia I took your shield and thought that I will return it to you when we will meet again.” And Tony returned the shield to Cap. After that they reached Wakanda and process of making gauntlet was going perfectly. Then we saw Shuri coming back to his lab and said that she is impressed by nono tech armor which Tony used in New York (Avengers 3) , And suggests to make one with Vibranium metal , And Tony thought that he should do that because this can help him as a backup plan in war coming next. And then we see the Antman ,Captain marvel and Hulk came there and then we see Hulk is transforming in banner and Hulk again and again because he is exposed in quantum zone and after that there is some kind of explosion in the quantum dot and Bruce banner is teleported back Tony’s lab and Ironman and Captain marvel tele ported to the planet where thanos first sitting and they see him in front of them thanos started to attack on them as he saw infinity stones which where disappeared from his gauntlet was in the hand of Captain marvel and antman then we see that captain marvel started fighting with him and admin shrinks and heights from our vision and then after sometime we saw that and when has planted a quantum bomb on the chest of armour of thanos which when he regains his size antman clicks a button and boom !! , On the chest of thanos the bomb blasts and Antman and Captain Marvel get their time to escape from their through quantum tunnel, to go back to earth. Then we see that Ross and his agents had attacked on Hackeye, black widow and rhodey so they faught with them but Ross injured them and occupies everything present in the lab. Then we see Bruce banner coming from quantum tunnel portal and Ross shot him with his gum immediately and banner falled down on floor. After that we hear a voice of monster coming from backside of Thunderbolt Ross and then we see Hulk (professor Hulk ) behind him and he attacked all agents of Ross and gets all control back in his hands .


Friends here part 1 of the story ends part 2 will be provided soon on this website.

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