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Avengers Endgame Re release |What are new surprises in Avengers Endgame re release

The president of Marvel Kevin Feige confirmed that they will re release the Avengers Endgame, but this time there’s some new surprises for the fans. Actually all fans in world want Avengers Endgame to become number 1 movie in the world. Still Avengers Endgame is on 2nd postion with net box office collection Worldwide: $2,744,471,891 . But this movie was fastest to reach 2 billion in 11 days where Avatar took 47 days to reach 2 billion , so Avengers Endgame re release may push this to number 1 by breaking the record of AVATAR .

Avengers Endgame Re release

What are surprises in re release

As confirmed by kevin feige , this time Avengers Endgame re release will have a post credit scene for the future films of MCU coming in phase 4 of MCU. Which will start without our favorite superheros Iron man, Captain America, and Black widow. Kevin feige said that there will be a deleted scene, a tribute and some surprises after the post credit scene.

So what you think the tribute will be about ?

If someone asked then there are many contenders in list to get the tribute first of all Stan lee then our most favorite character Iron man a.k.a. Tony Stark and then Captain America and black widow (Even black widow is above in the list from Captain America, because captain is not died and he just wanted to live and thats why went back in time and never returned, but black widow died to save world and she was the only Avenger who was still working in avengers Tower from 5 years , when no one was there, sorry captain America’s fans but its true)

Rumors about the surprises in Avengers Endgame re release (warning they might be true so beware)

According to many instagram fan pages and many fans on Twitter there was a scene where Tony stark says “Fuck You “, instead of ” I am Iron Man” , which was improvised by Robert downy Jr. Later during shooting.

****Other information will updated soon****so visit agai. Here for new updates.

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