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Captain Marvel Movie reviews and POST CREDIT SCENES

Honestly this movie was just made to show us powers of Captain Marvel a.k.a Carol Danvers. But still the story was nice and we saw the new aspect of skrulls they were not the villains ,YON-ROGG was the real villain , I mean not as villain he was just a bad guy who wanted to kill every Skrull. As we told you before he was also working with Ronan the accuser. Lets see the reviews of captain Marvel below.

How Furry Lost his eye :-

Actually furry was shown as a quite smart guy who understands the carol and helped her to find the file of Dr. Larson a.k.a MAR-VELL, who died in the plane crash where Carol Danvers got her powers after the blast becaue carol fired the energy engine of space craft or we can say plane in which Carol and Mar-Vell were going towards the hidden lab of Mar-Vell.

The cat (named Goose) was a alien and she scratched the eye of furry. Actually the cat also helped furry and others to kill Kree starforce to get out of the Lab get back to Earth.

Reviews of captain marvel :-

The Captain marvel movie was a nice movie. But this movie was losing story and thrill nothing happened which made us feel as what will happen next. And nobody able to beat the Carol Danvers a.k.a Captain Marvel. Because she became the strongest creature in this universe till now, I don’t know what will happen in Avengers Endgame, as thanos is having all infinity stones , thor is also strongest Avenger and now I think Captain Marvel may be but still its not clear. And the fucking post credit scene 1 my GOD that scene is the life, heart and everything of movie. When I saw the whole hall was silent because we saw Captain America a.k.a Steve Rogers. Full post credit scene will be in next post bellow.

First post credit scene of Captain Marvel reviews


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