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Captain Marvel Trailer Reviews |Why I am going to see the Captain Marvel?

Hello friends today we are going to know why I am going to see this movie , and the Captain Marvel trailer reviews. So lets get started.

Captain Marvel is now movie which will answer the biggest questions of this time, which are not about the powers of Captain Marvel , but about the Iron-man who will save him ? And another is that what kind of person is Yon-Rogg ( Jude Law ) . So these answer will be answered in Captain Marvel probably.

Captain Marvel ; the things which are reason for me to see this :-

Captain marvel reviews

Mainly this movie is about Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), and we will come to know about the kree planet and its civilization.

Real life story of Captain Marvel , which always a touching story. In this case I think this story will be motivating as well as sad.

Also we will see the Shield from its start and the young Nick Furry and Agent Colson.

Captain Marvel trailer reviews :-

I had seen all these trailer and actually as a marvel fan this trailer is not that much great , I mean these trailer doesn’t create any kind of feeling like, ” what will happen next ” . And actually I am going to see this movie just because of Avengers Endgame. As if we compare it with the trailer of thor ragnarok there is nothing for us think about , but in thor ragnarok ‘s trailer we see many things such as the broken hammer scene and fight of hulk, but I maore thing is that thor, hulk and mjolnir all are established from first phase of mcu and this is debut of captain marvel , and we know nothing about her and the skrulls. So if we think like this than its a great trailer . Also you know why I am going to see this movie .

So these are the captain marvel trailer reviews, hope you liked it .

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