Journalism cover letter Template | Letter to Chief Editor of newspaper applying for news reporter’s job.

So today we are going to see if how to write a letter to chief editor of XYZ newspaper , to apply for job of reporter and news writer.

You can use this in enterance test for any University’s Entrance test were you they have asked to write letter with the very same tittle or topic. Else if you are really going to apply for this job then kindly the letter below and use the template , you will definitely get success , (skills are also important) .

Journalism Cover Letter Template | Letter to Chief Editor of newspaper applying for news reporter’s job.

Raghav Sharma

Pathankot , MA 555555 | 09876-54321 [email protected] | (Portfolio url)

June 18, 2019 Mr. Tony Stark Editorial director The XYZ newspaper 454 , west Ave, Sometown, (address of newspaper office).

Dear Mr. Stark As a journalism and mass communications major at ABC university preparing to graduate next month, I am eager to launch my career in newspaper journalism. Your news repoter opning advertised on any job giving site or newspaper, is an excellent match for my qualifications . While studing at ABC university Igainef experience as :-

News reporter intern : At some newspaper I wrote articles of sometown area residents.

Reporter and Editor : at GOLD standard (ABC’s student newspaper) where I earned national pacemaker award ( considered to be Pulitzer prize for college student journalism ) for my series on faternity hazing.

Blogger : For, a student-run website about news. That I launched and grew to more than 20 K readers/visitors per day . In this role with help of my assistant cum friend, I produced short form videos as well as long form features for my daily newscasts.

Sports reporter : Covering the university’s cricket and football team for ABC’s website.

In both classroom and work settings , I earned reputation as dedicated journalist with a passion for accurately covering important issues and events engaging readers and fuel positive change.

It would be an honour to report for your award winning newspaper and work with your talented team of writers and editors. I am confident that my experience publishing and promoting content on social mmay benefit as you move to digital delivery.

You may review my resume and news clips at

Thank you Sincerely Raghav Sharma

Working on designing and finding new formats and templates for you .

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