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Reviews for The Flash season 1 | The Flash Season 1 finished today how I am feeling about it .

Friends today I completed the flash season 1, and if I tell you the truth I don’t want it to End because it was so interesting. So lets see the reviews for the flash season 1.

The flash and cisco

The was a greatest Tv series of superheroes I had seen actually all tv series of DC are great but the flash is my favourite yet because , its not only just about the speed its about time travel , science, suspense and real action in speed which we see in slow motion. We are going to give reviews about all these series, but for now lets see Reviews for The Flash season 1 .

Reviews for The Flash season 1 | my favourite episodes

In this tv series The flash the most favourite episode I also don’t know which is but lets talk about the episode arrow vs the flash or the flash vs arrow . In this episode we see the arrow of another tv series collaborate with the flash to fight a criminal but the circumstances led flash which affected by a meta-human who was able to make anyone angry by seeing in their eyes. The flash was affected by him but they realised it later when he started to lose his anger and attacked on Eddie Thawne who was a detective and was partener of Barry Allen’s adopted father (actually joe adopted barry). Here when he went angry and was going to kill Eddie there we see the arrow who attacked on the flash to save Eddie. But here what all of us are thinking that the flash runs so fast so arrow can stop him , but my friends arrow was the man who had capabilities after a long practice and experience that he managed to fight with the flash and also won this battle and this episode made me to see the arrow tv series too.

The flash vs arrow scene.

I suggest you not to see this if you haven’t already seen the flash season 1. This season ended with great suspense where we saw the someone who was very close to the flash and his team to become the villain (the man in yellow = reverse flash) and at that time my mind was just blasted up in the air. I was just like “what is this , he was him , oh my God “, and much more which I can’t write here .

And one more thing in the second last episode we see firestorm and arrow who came there back to help him to fight the reverse flash.

Reviews for The Flash season 1

So first of all this is a great television series go and watch if you haven’t seen it yet. And the today when I ended this the flash season 1 , I was like “ohh what will happen next in season 2”, and due to this I watched the first 4 episodes of season 2 today.

I give this 9/10 ratings.

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