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Spider-man far from home trailer reviews | why I am going to see this .

Spider-man far from home can give MCU fans the relief they want after Avengers Endgame, the MCU fans like me are still crying after Endgame, as our most favorite and greatest heros are no more with us .

Why I am going to see spider-man far from home and my reviews

But we are also fans of Spider-man , as we saw in trailer he is also not feeling so good after the death of legendary superhero IRONMAN . So we can also connect with him as a fan . And also if you have seen ultimate spiderman series , then you can imagine what would be the level of Action, comedy, drama, adventure in Spider-man far from home. So lets see the trailers and some exclusive clips of spider-man far from home

Special clip 1 available here
Exclusive clip available here
New trailer

So this is something that every marvel fan wants , someone to keep the legacy of Tony Stark (Iron Man) to a new levels . Actually Marvel fans want RDJ to renew his contract as Chris Hemsworth and come back in phase 4, please 😭😭😭 bring him back . But coming to the point Spider-man is also a great iconic marvel character, which is capable of doing so much big . I just pray to GOD that this movie should be equal to or greater than the spider-man’s animated series Ultimate Spider-man.

Their are no resons to not to see this movie. But still I will post reviews about this movie soon for you guys , till then good bye.

Some Exclusive posters of Spider-man far from home :-

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