Top 5 wordpress free themes

When we were searching for some free themes for my blog, we came to know that there are many themes which are very easy to use, we also get a clean design and great customization options as well ,so we thought that we should share this with all of you as well . So we had given them marks out of 10 in three different types Ease of use , Clean design, and Customization.  So lets look at them from fifth best free theme to world’s best free theme .

Top 5 WordPress free themes :-

Fifth best free WordPress theme SHAPELY :-

This a great theme with a clean design with some clean animations, lets look at its design through a demo video of shapely.

We mark this theme

Ease of use 9/10   Clean design 9/10  Customization 5/10

Fourth best free theme Mesmerize :-

This theme is a great theme with lots and lots of customization options different templates to design your site differently no website using this theme looks alike. Demo of this theme is given in the video at the end.

Ease of use 7/10 , clean design 8/10  Customization 8/10

Third best free WordPress theme Optimizer :-

This is theme is great and used by us many times. This theme provides every best thing possible in a free theme lets look at its demo

This video shows the demo of this theme.

Ease of use 10/10 , Clean design 8/10 , Customization 8/10  


Second best theme ocean wp :- 

This theme is great theme with so much of options for customization, this theme creates a magic when customised using ELEMENTOR plugin.

Ease of use 7/10,  Clean design 10/10 , Customization 10/10

The best free theme in the world HESTIA :-

this theme is great and currently we are using this theme on this website . Main thing which I want to tell you about this theme is that, when I was a beginner I just searched for this theme after watching a YOUTUBE video and applied it but I was not able to get the main page of our website as demo page of theme, so I decided to apply another theme and I deactivated this but before deactivation they asked me why you are deactivating theme so I replied I am not able to make this theme as demo. New theme which I applied was more weird so I reactivated Hestia again and You will not believe without customization my website was looking like demo website of Hestia. So in this way this theme helped me alot .

Top 5 WordPress free themes :-

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