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Trailer decode of Spiderman Far From Home | Spiderman Far From Home Trailer Explained

Hello friends welcome today we are here to do trailer decode of Spiderman Far From Home and we also have found some Ester eggs for you left by Marvel in Trailer. Let me tell you one thing that there are more than 1 trailers are launched worldwide and we will explain everything here that you want to know, but first lets look at all the trailers.

Both the trailers are different So watch both of them. 

In first trailer here we see Aunt May saying Peter to pack his suit but he denied and said Europe don’t need spiderman, but when we see trailer 2 given above we see Peter at security check on Airport where when he opens his bag we see his old suit designed by Tony Stark he was surprised and shocked to see that , So this mean Aunt May had done this I mean packed his suit.

यह पोस्ट हिन्दी में भी उपलब्ध है अनुवाद करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें  स्पाइडरमैन फार फरोम होम का ट्रेलर डिकोड

Spiderman Far From Home Trailer decode
Spiderman Far From Home

And then we see all the gang (friends of Peter) before going to Europe at Airport. But if we see trailer then we will see Aunt May organised an event which was I think sponsored by Pepper potts because the cheque Happy is having in his hand was signed by Pepper. The main things to notice in the trailer are

  • Aunt May knows Peter is Spiderman as we had seen that in End of Spiderman Homecoming .
  • Every one is back to their normal life so this trailer shows that they don’t know about destruction caused due to snap to thanos , and we can clearly see Spiderman and Nick are back who died in Avengers Infinity war. And as we know half of the Universe was killed and nobody is looking like that they had suffered from such event , so there is chance that Avengers might do Time Travel and stop all this from happening, due to which people here don’t know anything, because nothing happened for them.
  • Furry knows who is Spiderman (Peter Parker)
  • And the bag of Peter Belongs to Ben Uncle because there is written B.F.P. on the bag it might be Benjamin Franklin Parker.
  • Mysterio is unknown here because if we see the tag line of news when translated that we came to know it was written mystery man fighting with water monster to save people.
    Mysterio as Mystery man
    Mysterio in his helmet

    Ester Egg in this trailer of Spiderman Far From Home

    Spiderman Far From Home
    Ester egg

    Here we can see pictures of store keeper with spiderman and president Barack Obama in pictures over red Arrows.

  • And in others we see some newspaper cutting about spiderman.

Thats all about the trailer but we are working more on finding every secret thing that no other website or YouTube channel can’t tell.

Work in progress …….

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