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Who is Yon-Rogg | Which character Jude Law is playing

If you are a marvel cinematic universe fan then you might be wondering that what is name of jude law in capain Marvel , and what are its powers and other specifications, so without wasting time lets get started.

So now its revealed that Jude Law is playing Yon-Rogg in captain marvel , but who is Yon-Rogg. According to sources he is a bad guy. Jude law never confirmed that he is playing MAR-VELL the former captain marvel and the person who trained captain marvel in comics. But here we see that marvel is keeping the role of Jude Law as secret , because no one talks about Jude Law ‘s role. There is no reason why they are keeping it secret if Jude Law is Mar-Vell a.k.a captain marvel and Carol Danvers took his code name in an honour for Mar-vell . As Marvel had already confirmed that this movie captain will be based on comic Kree-Skrull wars and in is Comics both the alien races were fighting and their writter Roy Thomas never suggested anyone as heros , neither Kree nor Skrulls were good people. Do this might happen that Caprol Danvers might be a sheep between the wolves. And Kree Starforce is a bad miltary force led by greatest nemesis of MAR-VELL which was YON-ROGG and he also worked with with Ronan to overthrow the throne to led Kree people back to war like situations.

Who is Yon-Rogg ?

Yon-Rogg was one of greatest villain in kree civilisation and was created by Stan lee and Gene Colan back in 1967. He was one of greatest Commanders of Kree Starforce but he was hated Mar-Vell and tried to kill him many times, sometimes he also got help from Ronan the Accuser to overthrow the throne and kill Mar-Vell . And he was also passionately jealous about relationship of Mar-Vell and the Kree medic Una. Once he was fighting with the Mar-Vell when both of then came in the range of blast of Kree machine Psyche-Magnetron Yon-Rogg was injured due to blast. And in same blast Carol Danvers a.k.a captain marvel got her super powers.

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